Through The Cracks Ministries!
Short Lessons of Love

It is through the cracks in our humanity that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

It grows Little yellow flowers in the fall

There is an ugly weed that grows like a bush, usually in wet areas, along pond banks here in Florida. I looks like peppers from a distance when some of it's thin leaves turn orange. It grows little yellow flowers in the fall.

The other day, I was taking a walk in a nearby park on my lunch hour, and purposely left my radio in the car, as I felt in my spirit to commune with the Lord. During my walk, I came to a shallow area where the rain water often collects. There in the middle of the neatly mowed field, but right near a storm water drain, was one of these curious weeds. It had grown into a good size bush. The storm water drain was a rock like concrete mass in at the lowest point in the field, and it stuck up almost a foot from the ground. Despite the fact that the park workers mowed regularly to get rid of things like this that did not belong, this large weed had completely escaped the mowers blades for quite some time! I felt the Lord whisper in my spirit,

"Because it had the sense to grow so near to the Rock, it has escaped every attempt at it's destruction".

Suddenly, I didn't think it so ugly anymore, as I thought of myself. Different, not fitting in even with the grass around me sometimes. I went over to the plant, smiled, and jokingly said: "Hello fellow weed... I too have survived, having had only the sense to grow very near to the Rock!". I turned and started away, and then one more thing the Lord then spoke, quite abruptly:

"And just who are you to call it a 'WEED'?... Did YOU create it?".

God is good.