"Tri-Fold" Tracts

When downloaded, these small handouts are formatted so that after printing on both sides of the paper, they can be fan folded with their titles face up, and conveniently read by turning the pages. They are printed in 'landscape' format, and the final width is about 3 ½ inches after folding the paper in three sections like the picture on the left. The paper will have to be cut to about 5¾ in the length direction prior to folding, to limit the final height. Note that each downloaded file is compressed in PDF format, which almost every computer on the planet can display and print. The files, however, use the "Century Schoolbook" font, chosen for it's readability in the small text size needed. The Title text also requires the "Brush Script" and "ParkAvenue BT" fonts. If these fonts are not installed on your machine, the text may not fit correctly into the tri-fold template without some additional work. Should there be any problem, and you would still like to have or make some of these tracts, email me and I can arrange to send you some copies, which you can then duplicate with a simple copy machine.

If you have no copy equipment available and can't print these yourself, I also have plenty already printed, so if you prefer I can just mail you some. The main advantage of having the files is if you wish to edit them, for example to provide your own contact information as a personal ministry tool. I do ask however that if you do any such editing, you leave the author and ministry name intact.