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It is through the cracks in our humanity
that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

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Tracts are small handouts designed to introduce key concepts in a condensed and easily read format. Many tracts unfortunately are not very effective, because they describe Christian doctrine in a cold and often threatening manner, and often make the gift of God sound pretty out of reach. These tracts are different. In fact they are so different, you might even get in trouble passing them out in church. If you hand them to lay people however, they will often come back and thank you, that someone finally gave them a positive Christian message.

You can click the titles to read these here online, formatted simply as full page text on your screen with no columns. By clicking "Download" under each title, each may be directly saved in Microsoft Word 97 format, ready to print, cut out, and "tri-fold". Since these files are dependant on word processors versions and installed fonts, I can also mail you a few clean copies which you may duplicate yourself or use for reference.

God Loves you ...
No Strings!

A clear no nonsense intro to the Love of God, along with a common sense approach to the bible. This tract is aimed at those who instinctively still believe in God, but have had it with religion. It will cheer the heart of those seeking the Lord, and probably anger some 'religious' minded as well. But then, it is those who are aware of their illness that are happy when the doctor arrives with good news!
Sin! Sin! Sin!

Can't you guy's talk about anything else? Christ set us free both from bondage to sin, and the law that gave sin it's power. Yet much of the public Christian message is so centered around sin, you'd never know this was true! How demonically deceptive to substitute a spirit of bondage for the true spirit of freedom. This tract takes some bold steps in explaining the truth of what the new covenant is really about.



As a musician, I write a lot of music, some silly, some spiritual. One of the first songs I ever attempted to fully record with multiple instruments was called Mercy For Madness, which I made available on-line. This is a song about a man knocking, and even banging and screaming at heavens gate in desperation, for all the times God seemed to ignore his prayers. The outcry of the heart along with God's amazing answer has been an encouragement to many, including myself! This is an MP3 file, which most modern browsers will allow you to play directly. Enjoy! If you'd like to see the lyrics, there is a link for that below as well.

Mercy For Madness
Song Lyrics


Not specifically boiled down into tract format, these are encouraging articles on subjects I believe have not been handled adequately by much of today's "acceptable" Christian teaching. The "status quo" mentality simply does not permit most Christian teachers to go outside certain boundaries, even if such failure to do so results in people falling through the cracks. Some of these are very short and others more developed. In all cases however, it is my hope to provide a fresh look at many formerly "closed" subjects, and bring light and encouragement to everyone with an open mind who is dealing with these issues. Please bear with me as many of these items have not yet been written, and are labeled "future".

Grace vs.. Law Inspired by the devil himself, the "sin centered" mentality of religion has many believers pouring over scriptures to find a justification or stamp of approval for their life issues and struggles. With each failure, such thinking drives us further and further from God. But God has given everything he can give to set us free from bondage to the task of trying to be "good", or justify everything against biblical law. While good works are the natural result of a life centered in the Love of God, this has nothing to do with God's acceptance of us into His family. If that sounds like heresy, read this!
The Gender Spectrum Are you, or do you know anyone who's mental and physical gender either wholly or in part do not seem to agree? Many categories of people under the broad category "transgender" deal with such issues. It is a difficult road for such individuals because this society tends to hold sexual prowess on a high platform like a deity, and woe to anyone who blasphemes their god. Unfortunately, such individuals have also been spurned by the world of religion, and believers professing God's love. But what would Christ have to say to such individuals, and to those that treat them so harshly?
The truth about being 'Saved' To it's credit, religion has brought many into an awareness of their need for God's saving grace. But religion has also driven away far too many, by adding endless man made complications and requirements for humans to earn such salvation. God's gift of eternity is free, cannot be earned, and it is essential for everyone to know the truth of just how easy it is to receive.

But... this is a gift that must be consciously received, and assuming this to be an irrelevant subject is a tragic mistake. Few have escaped the frustration of losing their work on a computer, having neglected to back up their fragile hard drives. Life is even more fragile, and its loss infinitely more tragic.
Burn in Hell... really? How many people have rejected the God of the bible because they can not reconcile a God of love with a God that would sentence a human being to eternal torture in hell. But what if the meaning of the word hell were distorted by a religious system who's real intent was to control the faithful? And if such distortions were apparent to some teachers in these systems, would they dare buck the system and reveal what they'd learned? Usually not, as the few that teach outside of what is acceptable have been labeled a cult. But if the doctrine of hell has ever disturbed you, this writing will shed some new light on the subject, and hopefully bring you peace.

Short Lessons of Love

Whenever I've been troubled in this life, I've tried to make time seek the Lord in the quiet of a forest or woodland trail. There, surrounded only by things God has made, I seem to have found what is for me, the best environment for quieting my spirit enough to hear his still, small voice. If you regularly have quiet times for seeking the Lord, you already know the value of the insights He provides, often in very few words (if any words at all!). Here are some of these short lessons of Love I had the sense to write down. Note as you read these that the scripture references were added later. If you have things like this yourself, please share them with me.

It grows little yellow flowers in the fall
The trees and the weeds
A question of love
From Grace to Grace
The Three Blackberries

Links To other Organizations and Ministries

United Church of
Tampa (UCC)
This is a wonderful Open and Affirming Christian church in North Tampa with no time or interest in judging people based on race, appearance, sexual orientation, politics, or any of the other 'issues' that typically divide people of faith. The church is very active in loving God's children and doing good works oriented toward social justice, tollerance, and peace,as Jesus taught. I've visted them on many occasion, and whole heartedly reccommend them should you visit the Tampa bay area.
Loving Grace
This New York / New Jersey based teaching and radio Ministry founded by Wayne Monbleua. Their "Let's Talk About Jesus" radio ministry has been on the air for more than 20 years, providing a safe and honest oasis for fellowship and ministry, one hour a day, six days a week. This is the single, hands down most important ministry I've heard to date.
The Heresey.COM A unique collection of of liberating articles. From their site: "Knowing very well that to some 'Spirit filled' Christianity is foreign, and even frowned upon, we considered ourselves to be heretics to dead self-made religion. We would greet each other and ask 'How goes the heresy?' or 'Is the heresy alive?. Eventually, it became the word we used describe any instance of sharing or living our true life in Christ."
TG Christians TG-Christians is an electronic mailing list of Christians who are transgendered, and is inclusive of all gender variations including crossdressers, transexuals, etc. This list is intended as an instrument of God's love, to bolster each of us in our faith and to be a blessing in our lives in general through fellowship with one another.
Whosoever An Online News Journal For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Christians that gives you a first hand look at how gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Christians look at our world.

Links To Encouraging sites of Friends

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