Through The Cracks Ministries!
Statement of Faith

It is through the cracks in our humanity that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

The list below describes the core beliefs forming the basis for all material provided by this ministry and website. More thorough explanations of key topics are found in articles elsewhere on the site. The list is not meant to be all inclusive. It does however speak to many points typically seen in statements of faith published by other organizations, especially in areas where such statements have caused needless exclusion, condemnation, or stumbling blocks that hinder the faith of believers.

All are welcome in God's kingdom

The bible says "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life". (John 3:16). The word "whoever" (whosoever in the King James version) is a plain indication that no one willing to receive His gift is excluded. Everyone confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord and believes in his resurrection (Rom.10:9) receives grace, forgiveness of all sins, and is both saved and welcome. (Acts 13:38) There are things our loving Lord may ask us to do beyond that, but none of them are to earn, maintain, or keep the gift of eternal life, or His eternal presence and commitment to us.

Salvation through Christ

Christ claimed to be "the way, the truth, and the light" and said "no one comes to the father except by me" (John 14:6). Christ also revealed himself to be God in human form saying, "I and the father are one" (John 10:30) and "he who has seen me has seen the father" (John 14:9‑10). Jesus warned that the road to destruction is wide (Matt.7:13‑14) and that many are on that road! He Further warned us not to seek to enter the Kingdom of heaven by any other means, saying that many would try and fail (Luke 13:24).

For this reason, all the efforts of Through the Cracks Ministries start with encouraging those seeking God to start and end with Jesus Christ and trust him with their lives. Note that Jesus did not absolutely exclude "any other means" of reaching the "Kingdom", but simply warned that many seeking the Lord by other means will fail. With all the outright deception in the world, it is no wonder this is true. But Christ is the only guaranteed way to eternal life we know of, especially because its not a guessing game! He always confirms his presence to those that come to him honestly seeking, with simple childlike faith. Christ alone gives us the power to become the children of God (John 1:12).

Salvation not revocable,
and the only test is simple confession

Eternal life is a gift that is given and received. Revoking that gift would mean that it was not eternal at all, making God a liar. God is neither a liar nor the author of confusion (1‑Cor.14:33). Numerous scriptures speak of the fact that salvation is based on what God has done, and not on earning it through our human efforts. Therefore, Through the Cracks Ministry is dedicated to helping believers to become confident (Eph.3:12) and fearlessly bold (Heb.4:16) concerning their relationship with God and their eternal future. Nothing in all creation can keep us from God's love (Rom.8:38‑39), so no mere failing of a believer can be an exception. Again: No child of God ever loses his/her place with the Lord because of any failing, weakness, or condition in their lives, and any statement to the contrary is a lie from the devil. The bible says that anyone who believes in Christ and in his resurrection will be saved (Rom.10:9). Therefore, Through the Cracks Ministry entirely opposes any argument excluding anyone who confesses Christ from Christian fellowship.

Christ's foremost command was to love one another

Christian fellowship goes beyond merely "tolerating" people sitting in the same church. Sadly, visitors to some congregations are not even afforded such toleration. If we can not go the extra mile to love those who may seem unlovable, indeed those we may not even like (Rom.12:16), then ours is indeed the far greater sin. Anything else we think we've accomplished is worthless without love (1Cor.13:1-7). Love includes taking a genuine interest in the spiritual growth others, and to the best of our ability treating all brothers and sisters as family.

The wages of sin is death, not eternal torture

Many people reject the notion of a so called "God of Love" who would sentence someone to suffer in hell forever. First, several words in the bible's original languages have been mis-translated as "hell" in modern translations. But even more important, the common beliefs about the meaning of the word "hell" are based on assumptions and severe mis-interpretations of scriptures, which dangerously exceed what is written. There is no disputing the bible telling of "eternal destruction" for those who leave this life without God (2‑Thes.1:9). But destruction and eternal torment are entirely different things!

There is a large body of scripture indicating that people who refuse God's gift of eternal life will simply not receive it. If you do not receive eternal life, obviously you will be eternally dead when you pass. This ministry affirms only that the consequence of refusing God's gift of Eternal life is ultimately eternal death (Rom.10:9). This subject is too big for a few short references here, but an in-depth article is provided on this site for those seeking answers or struggling over this important subject.

The bible itself is NOT God

The bible itself says that all scripture is inspired (2‑Tim.3:16), and offers invaluable council about countless issues. The bible however is also full of exhortation to seek God personally for wisdom (James 1:5) and clarification on all matters. If everything we needed in life were simply in a magic book, there would be no reason to seek Him and no disagreements between bible based churches. Neither of those is true. Maybe this is why the bible warns us that when we think we know something, maybe we should re-consider. (1Cor.8:2).

Every believer benefits from studying the bible, and knowing the things it says and does not say, especially on matters directly concerning them. But after the reading, we benefit 1000 times more by seeking the Lord for a personal word, on anything important or questionable to them. In fact God strongly encourages us not to miss recognizing when he does (or says) something new! (Isaiah 43:18‑21). That scripture is one of many examples of God leading his followers to go beyond and sometimes even against the scriptures. Becoming a believer does not mean denouncing our God given ability to think, or seek the Lord personally for direction or understanding. This ministry encourages seekers to question and seek the Lord directly for everything, including everything they find discussed here.

There are NO perfect translations

The bible speaks of God literally writing the ten commandments with his own hand (Exodus 24:12). Yet with everything else in scripture, God has entrusted the writing work to imperfect humans, both writers and translators. This becomes more apparent with any serious study comparing bible translations, and the history of what has and has not been included in what we call the "bible" today. No perfect translation exists and experts still disagree on many biblical issues. Some scholars even point to additional writings that SHOULD have been included.

Without question some translations are much more accurate than others. Some translations considered by some to be the only "true" versions are actually the worst! But the Lord does not expect us to all become bible scholars, or masters of the original languages. Nor does God want us to settle for views of so called experts, all of whom are both imperfect and subject to their own bias and opinion. This doubly enforces the need to seek the Lord, who promises His own spirit to guide us (John 14:26) on all matters.

There is an enemy!

The whole of scripture testifies of a deceiver called the devil, and anyone following the Lord has eventually dealt with this reality. In fact it should not surprise you that Religion is likely the devils greatest tool. No wonder so many tell of how their experience with religion is what caused them to lose their faith. Disguising himself as both ministers of the gospel and even an angel of light, (2Cor.11:13‑14), satan's deception, especially making God out to be an intolerant monster, is the basis for many people's decision to reject God.

This ministry does not seek to glorify this being, but does wish to educate those seeking the Lord that they do indeed have an enemy (1Pet.5:8), and expose as many of his lies as possible. True to his deceptive nature, he convinces many seekers of God that the very notion of a devil is foolishness, and so is able to work destruction in their lives under complete cover. The bible says the devil is a defeated foe and his time is limited (Rom.16:20), (Rev.12:9). But for the present, this devil will stop at nothing to deceive and discourage anyone seeking the Lord.