Through The Cracks Ministries!
Short Lessons of Love

It is through the cracks in our humanity that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

The Trees and the Weeds

On this particular day I'd been walking some trails just before the onset of Autumn in the Northern US, just around the time for fall colors to begin. Perhaps fall is a time for reflection, and I began speaking to the Lord about how dissatisfied I was with my own spiritual growth. I'd known the Lord many years, and yet did not feel I was serving him well at all. Even though I felt no condemnation from the Lord over this, it still disturbed me. After reflecting on this and walking with the Lord for some distance, he showed me something encouraging and spoke this to my spirit:

"Look at all the weeds in this forest. It's early Autumn, and they've grown wild and tall, and have even overgrown much of the trail! But soon, with the coming of Winter, they will all die, with their whole years work wasted as they wither and fade.

See now the young trees. In the entire year, they have hardly gained a few feet in height. Yet next year, they will continue to build on this season's work, and one day, they will stand tall above all the weeds. They will be a shelter and a comfort to all the creatures of the forest, and a blessing to all who would eat of their fruit, and lie in their shade.

Have patience with yourself, and with your growth. Trees take much longer than weeds."

God is good.