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Through The Cracks Ministries!
Short Lessons of Love

It is through the cracks in our humanity that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

A question of Love

One day, the Lord just popped this question into my mind: "Tell me... do you think I would have my children serve me out of fear, obligation, or out of love?"

Thinking this was a no brainer, I answered: Not out of fear Lord, because perfect love casts out all fear (John 4:18), and not out of obligation, for no one was ever justified by the law (Gal.3:11). No, I'm sure you would have your children serve out of Love Lord.

Then the Lord responded saying: "Well then.... make me a list of all the things you can do to make yourself love more".

Again I thought this a snap. First, I said, I can keep beholding your love for me, and trust you to change my heart, and cause me to love others. Second.... er... second... I... uh...

But the more I thought about it, I realized there was nothing I could add to the list. While I could think of many things to do to try to convince a human I loved them more, there was really nothing I could do to actually cause myself to become more loving.

"Well then you are guaranteed total victory", the Lord said, "since you know YOU can't do it, and instead have entrusted it all to me."

There was a pause as I thought on this, then the Lord said: "I didn't die to save man the trouble of ridding his life from sin. Rather, I died because man was incapable of this. I know your weaknesses better then you yourself do. Trust me!"

God is good.