Through The Cracks Ministries!
Short Lessons of Love

It is through the cracks in our humanity that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

From Grace to Grace

I had known the Lord many years, and yet for the first time had been guiltlessly experiencing the freedom that the grace of God afforded me. Yet like many believers, I was very apprehensive about this grace, and did not think myself able to handle such freedom responsibly. This dialog with the Lord was one of many in which I began to see how this grace I feared was actually changing me, from the inside out!

Me: Lord, I understand that you love me, in spite of all my sins, but I feel as though this freedom is causing me to stumble more.

His Answer: I will not rob you of your free will, but whatever you do, I will cause all things to work together for good in your life (Rom.8:28).

Me: But Lord, I am so greedy, and for the most part, in all my choices, I choose to gratify myself rather than to do what is right. Sometimes... even when I'm sure it's wrong!

His Answer: As in my word, 77 times 7 times (Mat.18:21‑22), and yet you are forgiven. For if you confess your sins I am faithful to forgive you.

Me: Yes Lord, and as you've said, your kindness leads me to repentance (Rom.1:4). I know this is true, because I am finding that I am actually sorry when I sin, and even that for me is a miracle. But will I actually grow?

His Answer: Yes, for it is I that cause the growth (1Cor.3:4), so you can not fail.

God is good.