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It is through the cracks in our humanity
that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

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This site is sure to generate all kinds of email spanning many categories. I will certainly read all email, and make every effort to answer anyone who has anything they wish to share. On this page, I will try to include such dialog in cases where a writers insight, encouragement, or questions are likely to benefit others. If the page is empty for a while, remember that this is a new work, so if you have something of interest to contribute, feel free! Note that I have no "automated" guestbook at the moment, and this is being done by hand. Also, when you write, let me know if you have a personal web link, and weather you want your email address or identity withheld if I copy it here.

your feedback!

Name: Randy Constan
Date: 10-25-2000
Message: Even as this site is still in the works, I want to thank the many of you who have been a constant encouragement to me to complete it and get it on line. Already, the positive feedback from some of the tracts I plan to present here has been very inspiring. As soon as I find a service that provides a suitable guestbook, I will make it available here for your posts. Thanks for your patience.

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