Through The Cracks Ministries!
Short Lessons of Love

It is through the cracks in our humanity that the light within often shines brightest
-- Randy Constan

The Three Blackberries

For no reason other than laziness, it had been a while since I'd taken any afternoon walks on my woodland trails. So, as I often use these times as an opportunity for prayer, I knew this walk would likely tax the Lord's ears more than usual. Of course that is silly, as the Lord loves to hear from us, and so I took some time first to thank him for all the blessings in my life, and to remember the needs of a few friends. But when it came time for offering some concerns and requests for my own life, my prayers took a different turn this day. I thought about some of the things lacking in my life and that perhaps, even though aware of these desires, I lacked the wisdom to know what I truly need or should pray for. So I acknowledged this to the Lord and I told him:

"Lord, I know you have plans for my life and are aware of my needs and desires, but it's possible that your timetable and blessings are much better for me than my own requests could ever be. So I'd rather trust you this time instead of just asking for things" Then I added, "Still, there are some deserts in my life right now, and even though you can see the end of the sand, I can't. So, just for a little encouragement I ask for today. I know you can do that!"

Well It was only a short distance later that I noticed all the thorny blackberry bushes that grow along a certain section of the trail. As this was mid May these were all just beginning to grow tiny sprouts, some green and some beginning to redden, that would eventually become tasty edible bites around late June or July. But then suddenly I was taken by a single branch of one particularly tall plant, with almost 1/2 dozen fully ripened blackberries! I took three from the group, looked at them in the palm of my hand, and instantly understood and thanked God. In that moment I understood and one by one ate the sweet and juicy treat, as I continued along the trail.

You see, when we accept the Lord's plans and timing instead of forcing his hand with our requests, we will surely be more blessed in the end. But in the mean time, some encouragement while we wait for God's plans to come to fruition, is always a sure bet for an answer with our wonderful God. And as usual as in this case, the Lord's response is significant. My blessings may not be due for ripening for some time, but The Lord will still give us a taste of the good things to come... and even the small taste will be more than enough. A small hug from the Lord, you see, is more satisfying than a full meal, even of the world's tastiest blackberries! And as I ate them, I sensed the Lord add...

"You know I would not deceive you..., the reason I want to tide you over to the end of the desert, is because the blessings there are real, and truly worth the journey."

It's good to Trust God when your greatest desires have not yet come to pass. Forcing things to our own schedule can often ruin the best laid plans. But it's always a sure bet to ask for some encouragement in the mean time, and you will not be disappointed!

God is good.