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5 Transsexuals saved!
A letter by Cheryl Jenkins,
Copied by permission
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"I would like to share with you the joy God gave me Sunday night at church. Five of my TS sisters who just came in from off the streets to our service gave there lives to the Lord!! The events that lead up to that night HAD TO BE ORDERED BY GOD."

There have been some problems in church, last Wed night at a board meeting the pastor was asked to resign. A vote was taken after 4 hours of discussion and he remained as pastor. After the vote he replied to the issues that were presented, when he came to me, he apologized for only having me preach 2 times in the one and a half years he was pastor. He then went on and said BUT there was a reason, he did not understand my messages. For me at that moment it was no longer an apology to me but rather a justification of his actions to the other members of the board and church. I went home that night broken in spirit feeling that I could no longer participate in a church where the pastor had no confidence in me.

On Sunday the Co-founder of the church (Barbara) was speaking, she called me to ask if I would conduct the communion services for Sunday night. I told her yes because "she" had asked me so I would.

As I thought and prayed about it God placed on my heart the burden that what was needed was more than a communion service. In all the time I have spent at our church there have only been two occasions where an invitation to accept Christ into someone's life has been made. Coincidentally they were both times when I had spoke.

As I traveled to church Sunday I felt that the invitation to accept Jesus at the service was something that God wanted me to do. The problem was I did not feel right in conducting the communion service because of the hurt and anger I was feeling in my heart towards the pastor.

When I arrived at church I took Barbara aside and told her how I felt and that I could not give communion to anyone with my heart feeling the way it was. She understood and said that she would make other arrangements. At that moment I felt a peace in my soul concerning the communion, but still a conviction about not doing what God was telling me to do concerning the invitation to accept Jesus into someone's life.

That night 5 transsexual girls (4 of whom I believe work the streets as prostitutes) and two young men came into the church and set in the back of the church. I have had dealing with the one TS who was not working the streets in trying to put together a home where these girls can get off the streets, find respect for themselves, and jobs where they can be accepted. I had no idea that they would be there that night.

I was supposed to lead our family prayer and sharing time for the service. I had felt it would be wrong for me to do it feeling the way I was and that it would also be a time to ask for prayer for myself. It was half way through this time when the pastor got a message that meant he would have to leave right away and then he left the church right in the middle of the service..

I know that God had plans for that service, and He wanted me to do what He had put on my heart earlier that day. If it meant removing the thing that was keeping me from doing His will, then He would remove it and He did!

After Barbara finished speaking she motioned for me to come and do the communion. I felt the release of my spirit after the pastor left and did what God had been telling me to do all day. That night God spoke to the hearts and souls of these 5 transsexuals and gave me the privilege and joy of leading them all to the Lord.

I believe in my heart that if it were not for me being who and what I am, these 5 souls probably would never of found Christ. "We" are still God's children and when every one else rejects us for being different and who we are, God will and does make a way for His children to find Him.